Top 3 DIY Hairstyles to do at home

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Women have all been there – that moment when you absolutely don’t know what to do with your hair!Worry no more! You’ll definitely love  these easy-to-do yet beautiful hairstyles, even you’re just at home.

Simply do this at home using your mirror and follow the steps for each hairstyle. Indeed, you’ll surelyhave great hair days!

1.The Knotted Low Bun 

With this DIY hairstyle – a no-nonsense braided bun, you’ll definitely show off an unexpected style. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

●First, braid it. You need to pull hair to a low ponytail then tie it off using a hair tie. After, braid the length of the hair loosely, and secure its ends using another tie. 

●And secondly, make the bun. You’ll need to wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail like you would a bun, and tuck the loose ends of hair at the same time secure them using bobby pins.

2.The Mega-Volume Double Pony

This next one is a voluminous ponytail that is indeed great because of its extra length and added height. Here’s what you need to do:

●You need to go half up first. Pull the hair above the ears to a half-down, half-up ponytail. Let the hair beneath the ears to hang loosely. 

●Next, scoop the rest of the hair into a second ponytail beneath the first one. 

●And finally, tease out the top ponytail with the use of a fine-tooth comb for creating fullness.

3.The Modern Messy Bun

This is considered as an off-duty ballerina bun that would make even your most knotted hair look polished at an instant. And only with the least effort needed!

How to do it?

●Brush your hair making a high ponytail. Slip a headband over the hair, like an inch back from the hairline. 

●And twist it. Twist the length of the ponytail to a bun, secure the entire thing using at least six to seven bobby pins being scattered around the bun’s edges. 

Finally, for an extra volume, you can stick either the end of your comb or a pencil over the hair on the crown of the head. Wiggle it up gently at the same time tug sections of the hair at roots for extra volume.

There you have it! Those are our top 3 DIY hairstyles – very easy to do at the comfort of your home! With these, you’ll love the look of your hair – our crowning glory, as they say!

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